Sancar Premium Socks

SANCAR is a sock manufacturing company. Its products are of recognized quality, and its customers are primarily international brands looking for quality and distinction in their product offerings.

The initial work with Sancar involved the graphic optimization of their logo as well as the creation of an identity system, particularly through the introduction of new colors and supporting lettering. Next, we proceeded with a complete restructuring of their communication: we categorized the products, created new supporting texts, took photographs, launched a new website, and maintained the identity framework across various communication channels – email marketing, social media, catalog, etc

In 3,000 square meters of modern and automated facilities, SANCAR produces over 5 million socks per year.

The quality of the Sancar product speaks for itself, but this message is delivered to new markets through the digital marketing campaigns we carry out for the client via Linkedin Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, etc. We monitor and optimize the ads to generate an increasing number of business leads for Sancar.

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