In Braga, Peixoto Rodrigues is synonymous for iron. As large-scale stockists, the company holds a historical presence in the city, and its support for sports and social causes doesn’t go unnoticed. Known for its traditional and family environment, Peixoto Rodrigues is also disruptive in its communication – as exemplified by the rebranding carried out by HUND.

In Peixoto Rodrigues’ marketing, there is a prioritized vector that was evident to HUND from the beginning: the strong customer relationships. This led to a study of existing interactions and all brand touchpoints with its customers, followed by the implementation of a customized communication strategy. This strategy aims to allow customers to feel the same experience in the digital realm as they do in their personal interactions.

In Braga, construction begins with iron from Peixoto Rodrigues. A company committed to the city and its people.

Peixoto Rodrigues submitted a profound rebranding where the exploration of the aesthetics/functionality dichotomy was taken to its extreme. The result is a renewed brand in its essence, while preserving its unchanged DNA. Today, the company can communicate with its clients in a coherent and systematic manner, ensuring a distinctive positioning within its industry.

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