The leading player in Portugal’s textile industry chemicals sector is Ledechem. With over 40 years of activity, the company consistently invests in sustainable formulas and considers ecology the focal point of its product offerings to the market.

Ledechem aims to expand its business beyond borders and differentiate itself from its competition in every detail. This is why the company chose HUND to undertake its rebranding and design a marketing strategy that best fits its needs.

A 100% commitment to sustainability. Ledechem utilizes its ‘green formulas’ concept to minimize the environmental impact of its products while also saving energy and reducing production time for its customers.

The rebranding was just the beginning of a journey that not only solidified Ledechem’s brand positioning in the national market but also led to international recognition. Today, the brand possesses personality, and its identity is evident, extending across various channels and commercial tools of the company, ranging from email marketing to social media, from its new website to the comprehensive product catalog.

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