We have always been consultants specialized in marketing strategy but, with the year on year accumulated experience, nowadays we can consider ourselves one of the best companies to operate in Portugal in this market. This is proven by customers’ results.

In Brand Strategy, we focus our efforts on KPIs that could be the drivers of market positioning and we do it our own way, according to a consulting model based on 4 priority axes: 1- analysis and diagnosis, 2- design of the Strategic Plan, 3- Plan implementation, 4- Oversight and performance control.

Our ideal typology of investments in brand promotion is the blended approach, in which all channels are considered, although the investment basket shall be differentia in between channels.

It is therefore in this area that HUND applies all its expertise in terms of SEO – search engine optimization – and for example Email Marketing, 2 channels that should be highly privileged in the digital marketing actions these days, across all industries.

If you are interested in services regarding Brand Strategy, just shout your questions out on our contact form and we will respond shortly. Guaranteed.