We believe brands should beam a differentiated and easily recognizable signal. In this business sector, we go beyond the logo and the guidelines of a brand identity.

From our point of view, the identity of a brand is also the way it relates with people through perceived imagery, hence we have expanded the field of this business sector influence for Advertising – whether through online ads or via physical advertising – and for the Multimedia, 2 fields often worked together and, in our view, inseparable from the concept of Brand Identity.

At HUND, the genesis of this marketing area naturally passes through the graphic grace that represents the company, a.k.a. the logo. This logo and its terms of use are usually passed to our customers through a traditional tool, so-called the brand manual. But all the graphic designs and even conceptual work – advertising campaigns are to be included here – should be ruled by a very specific matrix, more comprehensive than the logo itself: we are obviously talking about the brand identity.

If you are interested in consulting us about the services here provided for Brand Identity, do not hesitate: leave us a briefing, we’ll take it from there!