HUND has its origin on our company’s name: MIN HUND. And what does min hund mean? Well, Min Hund is the Swedish verbalism for “my dog”.

Your dog. The one which reflects the most of your personality, your faithful companion that will always follow your command. A protector but also a buddy. The guy that will never leave you.

This was the idea of our founders, who believed that we should be more than just an outsource for our clients but to be an active brand experts’ team to support companies’ marketing. Just like eye-seeing dogs help their masters finding their ways.

We grew but our identity is just as it was. We want to be recognized for our skill set and capacity to produce great works along with our clients, developing the best strategies and always finding the right design for the right campaigns. We are the excellence partner for your brand and we will keep this statement until infinity. Our work relationships are long and mature, showing how much it is important for us to have that confidence from clients and to always uphold our standards of commitment and effort.